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Crown made and replace old silver fillings

Had a 4 hour procedure today consisting of a crown and 2 fillings. Everything was explained and went beautifully. Never a moment of discomfort from beginning to end. Wonderful to have your crown made and put on all in one visit. Dr. Swenson IS THE BEST.

High quality service, professional,and friendly.

Dr. Swenson and his entire staff are GREAT!!!!!! They make sure that you know everything that's about to happen fron beginning to end. They let you know that no question is a stupid question. They are always friendly and no matter what may be going on in their personal lives they keep a smile on their faces.



Dr. Swenson is so professional and very caring about his patients. I called on Monday morning and was seen at 1:00 the same day. He did what he could to do a buildup on my tooth. I was in and out within 30 minutes. I had no pain at all. He and Crystal were so gentle. He always tells you what he I going to do and continuously asking you are you alright. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Well done service

My visit with Dr. Swenson was great as well as the dental hygienist, Carol. The staff at the office is friendly and compassionate toward dental care. They give thorough treatment of any dental problems and willing to assist you if you don't understand what is being done.


When I come to this dental office, I immediately feel like a part of their close family! Dr. Swenson always explains what he has to do and why it has to be done. All during the procedure, they constantly ask about my comfort level. They make sure that I am not in pain. Because of the care given by Dr. Swenson and his staff, I have recommended this office to my friends.

Absolutely delighted with my first visit and consultation ,never had a professional health provider provide me with so much information and OPTIONS, looking forward to my journey back to MY Dental health, A plus is,.> He's a HOKIE graduate and fan also has an OUTSTANDING office manager and Assistants. Thank you. Mel

Our recent dental visit was 'TOPS'. The staff was cordial and personable. Although the office was buzzing and busy we never once felt like we were being pushed out or rushed in any way. Our experience was a positive one. I like the notification methods that this office uses as well. Texts, emails, reminders etc. are just perfect for our busy, family lifestyle. We look forward to our next visit in 6 months.


Dr. Swenson has an excellent staff, they are very kind and professional. He goes above and beyond compared to any other dentist where I have been a patient. He explains each step as he progresses through whatever work you are having done. He is the only dentist I have been to that can administer Novocain and make you feel like your having a facial. No pain at all. He is a superb dentist!

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